What’s All the Hype About the Freedom Stream Scissor?

IPTV Hardware ready out of the box!

This is the Freedom Stream Scissor

It’s not hype. It’s the simple facts. The Freedom Stream Scissor IPTV hardware solution makes it easy to cut the cord. That’s a fact. It’s the easiest possible way to watch ALL your favorite TV, sports, movies, you name it — all in the comfort of your home. All for one low annual fee.

With Freedom Stream Scissor, you can end your subscriptions. Cancel your cable bill. Never have to make those monthly payments again.

What could you do with an extra $800, $1,000, even $3,000 a year, depending on how many TVs you have? Why are you spending hundreds of dollars every month for limited programming?

When you add Freedom Stream Scissor to your entertainment lineup, you get thousands of channels, including movies and video on demand.

And you can use the Freedom Stream Scissor anywhere you have an internet connection. Yes, with your home entertainment center, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Bring your favorite entertainment along with you in your car or truck, your RV, or your boat.

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It isn’t hype.
It’s a new world of entertainment.
It’s Freedom Stream Scissor.

Live Sports. Movies. Video on Demand. And All the TV You Could Want.

Grab a friend or 3 and make a day of it. Whatever you’re looking for, the Freedom Stream Scissor has it. Bingeing has never been easier.

Worldwide Channels
TV Episodes
24/7 Channels
N. America Support

Now that’s worth cutting the cord!

Looking for Something to Do With the Kids?

You’ll always find something on the Freedom Stream Scissor, our ready to go IPTV Hardware solution.

Your kids will never be bored when you have Freedom Stream Scissor on hand.

Are you tired of having just a couple of kids’ channels to choose from? Have you seen the same re-runs so many times you want to scream?

Those days are over, thanks to Freedom Stream Scissor. Now you can enjoy hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of kids’ TV channels. You’ll find something to please the pickiest kid with that kind of choice available. Not to mention video on-demand 24/7, plus thousands of movies to choose from.

Now, every time you turn on the TV, your kids can find something new to watch. (And those old favorites are there, too.)

And yes, we offer parental controls. In fact, they’re already set up, so you’re ready to watch with your kids the second you get started with the Freedom Stream Scissor. Just add a password or PIN, and you can relax, confident that your children won’t be able to access any non-kid-friendly content.

Hi – I’m Kristen

(Chief Savings Officer)

You won’t believe how much you could save when you cut the cord and cancel your cable to switch to the Freedom Stream Scissor.

That’s why we want to introduce you to Kristen, Freedom Stream’s CSO (Chief Savings Officer). Sit down with her for a couple of minutes while she walks you through the extreme savings that you can enjoy with the Freedom Stream Scissor.

We’re not talking about saving a measly $20 a month. No, this is about more than coffee money. We’re talking about real savings.

How would you feel about $75 a month? $100 a month? Even $300 a month, depending on how many TVs you have in your home or business.

That’s some real savings.
That’s Freedom Stream Scissor.

How did Freedom Stream Help YOU?

Current Freedom Streamers Tell Their Story

cheryl graves needs freedom stream scissor

I knew this was going to be good, but not THIS good! In 5 minutes I was up and running. It’s just as they say. Unbox, Plug in, turn on. That’s it. I give 1000 *’s

Cheryl Graves, Maine
alison flores freedom stream has everything
We’re working on a single income since COVID began. Paying $300.00 + a month for cable was out of control, and unaffordable. We needed this. There’s no more running out of things to watch – ever. For a single price, I get everything I want. No more monthly fees!
Alison Flores, New Jersey
joe rivera freedom stream testimonial from facebook
Freedom stream? Haven’t heard of it yet? Well, I have and it is the best streaming platform on planet earth!! I have never been happier to spend my money on this YEAR ROUND!? Also, the best part is that I can watch whatever I want. Global channels from sports to soap operas, and even down to the weather channel in any country I want. Nonetheless, all of the movies I can watch, PPVs, and tv shows are ridiculously amazing!! If anyone tells you that box isn’t the future, that is a false statement…. Freedom Stream is the new Streaming platform guarantee!
Joe Rivera, Florida
samantha dok freedom stream
This tiny box changed the way I watch tv. Cut the cord for real. was able to cancel cable, Netflix, Hulu, Discovery +, HBO Max, and Paramount +. I am now saving $153.95 a month or $1847.40 a year. That’s enough for a nice, long vacation!
Samantha Dok, Florida
deon little freedom stream is my favorite online streamer

We couldn’t be happier. This removed a $200 a month satellite bill for us. Works perfectly, every time.

Deon Little, Iowa