If you need assistance with fixing EPG errors with TiViMate, this article is for you. Everyone knows that TiViMate is the best app to use to view IPTV from any IPTV Provider.  Sometimes when you’re using TiVIMate, the EPG (Electronic Programing Guide) either doesn’t work or lists incorrect information. When this happens, it throws off everything your EPG displays. Watch the following video we’ve made.


This video actually shows you how to do 2 separate tasks:

  1. The video shows you how to properly clean up and clear up the EPG in case it doesn’t load or loads corrupted information
  2. The video shows you how to properly back up your TiViMate installation and your playlists. If something happens, you’re backed up and can restore with a few button pushes.

TiViMate EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) can take your IPTV services to the next level! Specifically designed to deliver an effortless TV watching experience on FireStick or Android set-top boxes, TiViMate EPG takes TV watching to new heights! Experience it yourself now to find out why it stands out and takes viewing experience to new levels!

TiViMate IPTV Player: An Overview

TiViMate is an intuitive Android app designed for programming from IPTV providers. Similar to ProgDVB or Kodi, TiViMate enables access to live TV channels from your IPTV service and can even access them free of charge! Downloading is absolutely free but please keep in mind that a valid subscription must exist for maximum effectiveness.

Unveil of TiViMate Premium

TiViMate Premium is an enhanced version of TiViMate that gives users access to additional features. Users can use TiViMate Premium to easily set parental controls, stream live programs live viewing and more – and all without breaking the bank! Available for both Android and FireStick devices, TiViMate Premium can easily be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

TiViMate Premium Offers Numerous Advantages

TiViMate has become a highly favored solution for streaming TV on FireStick and Android devices due to its rich set of features, which includes support for subtitles, compatibility with external video players and an EPG guide that makes viewing shows effortless without additional applications.

What Makes TiViMate Stand Out as the Ideal IPTV Player?

TiViMate stands out among IPTV players for its user-friendly interface and ability to seamlessly log in using your credentials and begin streaming TV shows and movies instantly. An impressive feature is its automatic loading of stations into its app – making all your favorites easily accessible in one central place!

TiViMate Offers Entertaining Features

TiViMate boasts an intuitive user interface for easy browsing of multiple channels and playlists, and features such as show recording. Plus, there’s even an energy-saving sleep timer feature to automatically switch off the screen after a specified period for energy savings convenience.

TiViMate Free for those on a Budget

For those on a tight budget looking for an IPTV player on Android devices and FireSticks is an easy solution that provides access to free IPTV programming. Installing TiViMate is quick and installation provides various customization options – such as color schemes, font sizes, backgrounds – making this option widely accessible.

TiViMate’s intuitive channel navigation, playlist management, and the option to record shows have made it an extremely popular choice among IPTV enthusiasts. Enjoy its user-friendly design in multiple languages for the ultimate TV watching experience with TiViMate!

TiViMate EPG provides all of the convenience and functionality you need to elevate your IPTV journey. Experience it yourself and unlock its full potential with TiViMate!

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